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“Briefing for Integrated Communications” WFA Survey

19 April 2017

“Briefing for Integrated Communications” Survey – Clients think they are getting better.  Agencies disagree…

In 2014, the WFA undertook a survey looking at how Clients were tackling Integrated Briefing.

In late 2016, it partnered with The Observatory International to re-run  this peer-research and measure the progress made by client-side marketers. For the first time the survey was also sent to agency leaders, enabling us to compare and contrast client with agency perceptions.

Much has changed in the industry in the ensuing 24 months but what struck us is the difference of opinion and perspective from the contributors on just how well-integrated clients’ briefs are. It would suggest that agreed criteria are needed between clients and agency partners on what really constitutes ‘integration nirvana’.

The findings revealed some degree of overall improvement but there are clearly some issues which are significant ‘watch-outs’ for both parties in the future. For a copy of the report or to discuss the topic area further, email info@observatoryinternational.com.

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