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Florence Garnier

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Florence started her career in France working for the retailer AUCHAN. She then moved to the Financial services industry joining Galeries Lafayette card, working in both France and in Italy in various Business Management positions. In 2000 she joined RENAULT, as Head of European Internet and CRM, and in 2003, was promoted to Head of European Advertising, where she handled the relationship with Publicis and Carat, dealing with more than 20 TVC productions, and optimised the ways of working.

She has run her own marketing efficiency practice in France working for large advertisers such as Nestlé, Total, Yves Rocher for 7 years before joining Observatory International London.
As well being an expert in Marketing Efficiency, Marketing Organizations and Marketing Automation, Florence is the author of 2 books “Just In Time Communication” published in April 2014 and “Advertiser: Connecting strategic marketing with the consumer” published in 2012.

Florence speaks fluent French, English, Italian, reasonable Spanish.

Florence is based at:
The Observatory International
26 rue Brunel
75017 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 84 78 10 30
+33 (0)6 08 22 35 14