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Observatory International Newsletter – July 2023

Finding A Penny to Save A Pound

There’s an expression in the UK that seems very apt for these times “I can’t find a penny to save a pound”.  In times of budget constraints and finance restrictions it can be very difficult to make the case for investment in marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

We’ve put together some thoughts about how to build the business case for investment in marketing excellence to drive growth based on:

  • Demonstrating that you have cut costs and found savings – recognised the need to support the business in the short-term, and put in place the disciplines to sustain those savings going forward
  • Showing how your teams are working efficiently and effectively – and that you have priorities to focus on to further improve once budgets allow
  • Evidence you have a clear  rationale to underpin your business case with aligned teams supporting your strategy, and ideally a champion supporting your cause.

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Agency Search & Selection Project Completion | ŠKODA Auto

Task: Agency shortlisting for a new Global Creative Agency

Situation: ŠKODA Auto a proudly Czech automobile manufacturer, had an ambitious sales growth target linked to its launch plan for electric cars over the next few years.  It sought a creative partner with an international mindset, powered by a network to deliver fantastic creative for ŠKODA.

Our Solution: Our standard search and selection process was deployed but tailored to suit the specific requirements of an international search for ŠKODA.  Understandably interest from agencies in this opportunity was substantial so clarity on selection criteria and a fair consideration process was essential.

Outcome: Following a closely run four-way pitch, ŠKODA appointed FCB Inferno London (with a Prague implant) to handle the business.

Commenting on the process Meredith Kelly, Global Head Of Marketing ŠKODA Auto said “The immense experience and valuable guidance of Stuart and Christine, gave us the assurance that we had selected the best possible agency partner. I cannot imagine having gone through this process without their assistance and am confident that we have achieved a great result”

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