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Building Strong Marketing Agency Partnerships: A Blueprint for Success

Ara Hampartsoumian profile picture 2023 Ara Hampartsoumian Managing Partner, Singapore, South East Asia & ANZ July 8, 2024

Over the past four or so years, there’s been a lot of discussion about the ‘new normal.’ While many in our industry have learned to manage it and move on, as we should be looking forward, not in the rearview mirror, one thing that still needs nurturing and attention to effect positive change is the importance of our relationships.

I cannot emphasize how the shift to remote and hybrid work has further highlighted the need for strong client/agency relationships. At the Observatory International, we know that effective agency relationship management is crucial for creative excellence and brand growth.

Here are some key fundamental elements to remember as we continue to navigate the ‘new normal’ which is now ‘the normal’, till something new becomes the ‘new normal’:

Essentials of Effective Agency Relationship Management:

  1. People: Train your teams in best practices, ensuring clarity in roles and responsibilities.
  2. Processes: Use consistent tools and templates to streamline communication.
  3. Behaviours: Build long-term relationships on mutual respect and transparency.

Why It Matters:

  • Better Briefing: Clear, well-structured briefs save time and enable outstanding creative work.
  • Creative Evaluation: Constructive feedback nurtures great ideas and provides a competitive edge.
  • Performance Measurement: Regular evaluations maintain strong relationships and drive improvement.
  • Fair Remuneration: Transparent remuneration structures motivate and foster productive partnerships.
  • Robust Governance: Clear contracts and scopes of work prevent misunderstandings.

Fixing Relationships Over Pitching New Ones:

Rather than seeking new agency partners, focus on strengthening existing relationships. Long-term partners understand your brand’s nuances better, save resources, and foster trust and collaboration.

Looking Ahead:

Adapting to new working models and technological advancements is crucial as we move forward, specifically, AI is forecast to disrupt every aspect of the communications process.
By embedding these best practices, brands can maximize the value of their agency partnerships and navigate future challenges more confidently.

At the Observatory International, we’re dedicated to enabling brands and agencies to thrive through effective relationship management.

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