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Our Top Tips for Effective Agency Performance Measurement

John Little profile image photo John Little Regional Managing Partner, Middle East & Africa, Johannesburg July 5, 2024

Tip #1

The best marketer/agency relationships produce the best work and the best results.  Performance Measurement aims to strengthen these relationships for more effective outcomes.

Tip #2

Don’t expect what you don’t inspect.  All elements of the marketing mix require checks and balances.  Measuring the efficacy of your relationships with you agency partners is no different.

Tip #3

Marketer/agency teams are joined in partnership.  Both sides must undergo Performance Measurement.  Let your agency have its ‘say’ too.

Tip #4

Create an environment in which all parties can be completely open and honest with each other.  This is best achieved by using a senior, experienced facilitator.

Tip #5

Ask the right questions to stimulate the right conversations and unearth the real issues that need addressing.  Include survey comments to encourage the conversations.

Tip #6

Effective Performance Measurement must ensure that survey participants understand the exact meaning of the criteria being measured and have a common view on what each score represents.

Tip #7

Include relationship KPIs as part of any Payment by Results or Bonus calculations for your agencies.  This will encourage them to be the best they can be.

Tip #8

Include relationship KPIs in your evaluations of your marketing team, to focus them on the importance of their relationships with their agency partners.

Tip #9

Conduct Performance Measurement regularly to detect problems early on and mitigate relationship deterioration.  Little niggles can quickly become serious threats to the relationship.

Tip #10

Compare your scores against robust benchmarks to get a better sense of what the numbers are telling you.  Is there a problem or is it just a reflection of an industry norm?  Choose a service provider that can supply such benchmarks.

Tip #11

Insist on a written Action Plan after each round of Performance Measurement.  Monitor progress regularly to ensure that the necessary adjustments/improvements are made.

Tip #12

Recognise that everybody is ‘time-starved’, so use a process that is simple and quick.  And remember that the real value lies in the conversations in the Performance Measurement feedback session.  This is best managed by a skilled facilitator.

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