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Corinthia Hotels in hunt

Corinthia Hotels hunts agency for UK launch

LONDON – Corinthia Hotels International is on the hunt for an agency to handle its pan-European advertising account as it gears up to launch its first UK hotel.

The organisation has approached a number of agencies regarding the business, with a view to making an appointment later this year.

The process is being handled through The Observatory, and it will be the first time that the brand has worked with a retained agency on its advertising business.

Corinthia Hotels International currently has seven luxury international hotels based across mainland Europe, in locations including Portugal, Malta, Russia and the Czech Republic.

The company is set to launch its first hotel in London next year, located on Whitehall Place near Trafalgar Square.

The hotel, which is based on the site of the former Metropole Hotel, will contain 296 rooms, including 42 suites, as well as a business centre, two speciality restaurants, and a luxury spa, gym and pool area.

The successful agency will create a number of integrated campaigns to help raise awareness of the launch of the new London hotel, which will be positioned as one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the capital.

Along with appealing to holidaymakers and businessmen, the hotel will aim to attract London residents to its “destination bar”, which it hopes will rival other upmarket lounge bars in the area.
Corinthia Hotels also plans to launch hotels in Benghazi, Bucharest and Sharm El Sheik within the next few years.

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