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Observatory International Newsletter – March 2022

Making the marketing function part of the climate change solution

In its 2021 report on sustainability and marketing the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) wrote “Marketers share consumers’ passion and belief that they can be a force for change yet marketing, as a function, lags behind the rest of their organisations.”  We believe that this is primarily because the focus for many Marketers has, to date, been upstream supporting product and service developments that address sustainability concerns, and downstream through their agency and production supply chains to ensure marketing outputs are delivered sustainably.  As well as helping consumers make more sustainable choices.  However, Marketers also need to look to the models, processes and resources they deploy to ensure they are operating a sustainability-focused marketing model.  To find out more please read this article or contact us to discuss this important subject.

Mitigating risk for marketers

The challenges of talent shortages and inflation have  been high on the agenda for many marketers, and are likely to be in even greater focus in the weeks and months ahead.  Our Co-founder and Managing Partner, Lucinda Peniston-Baines took part in a panel discussion with the WFA to discuss what’s happening in the agency world, and how can clients better collaborate with agencies to mitigate risk on their account.  To watch a recording of the discussion please click here.

Client : Agency Relationships

Each year we review the feedback from our agency relationship programmes to understand the issues that are the key focus areas for both Marketers and their agencies.

For Marketers the principal requests for their agencies are: the need for excellent account management; innovation; deep understanding of their client’s business; collaboration and dedicated teams.

For agencies their repeated requests were for: defined scopes of work, clear roles and responsibilities; inspiring, high quality Briefs; consolidated constructive feedback on work and insight into their client’s business objectives.

All these issues should be addressed through strong agency relationship management. To find out how we can help you identify and resolve these challenges please contact us.

Tackling the Challenges of the Marketing Industry

The challenges facing businesses and marketers are evolving at an ever increasing rate.  Making informed decisions for your business requires a deep understanding the latest trends and knowledge of how other brands and organisations are responding.  Drawing on our global resources and knowledge we are able to provide tailored reports and presentations to help you navigate an increasingly complex world.
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We are celebrating the women of The Observatory International and all women around the world on International Women’s Day

Celebrating the women of the Observatory International and all women around the world

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