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Why it pays to nurture existing client-agency relationships

Ara Hampartsoumian profile picture 2023 Ara Hampartsoumian Managing Partner, Singapore, South East Asia & ANZ August 23, 2023

Throughout my 30+ years in the marketing communications business, meaningful and mutually rewarding partnerships have been the key to my happiness and success.

In today’s business landscape, obsessed with growth and numbers, I believe the true secret to success lies in developing stronger and more impactful connections between clients and agencies. While everyone focuses on business growth, if we actually just take the time to nurture existing relationships we are able to achieve remarkable results without being driven solely by financial targets.

Clients and their agencies should not be seen as merely transactional entities; they should be partners on a shared journey toward mutual objectives. By investing time and effort in understanding each other’s needs, aspirations, and pain points these partnerships can blossom. The best client-agency relationships go beyond the conventional vendor-client dynamic. They foster collaboration and trust and encourage an open exchange of ideas while challenging each other’s perspectives in the pursuit of common goals.

In a world increasingly driven by automation and data, the value of human connection cannot be overstated. The strength of relationships built on trust, collaboration, and shared vision differentiates a transactional service from a transformative partnership.

And, by shifting the focus from short-term gains to long-term partnerships agencies are able to deliver exceptional results. Together, clients and agencies can uncover new opportunities, untapped potential, and surpass mere numerical targets.

The true measure of success lies in the impact we create together and The Observatory International is geared up with the right tools, experienced people, and know-how to help. Please reach out if you’re interested to find out more and take a look at our agency relationship management services here.


Nurturing agency relationships
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