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The Value of a Marketing Management Consultancy’s External, Objective Expertise

Rob Foster - Observatory International Rob Foster Managing Partner, London March 6, 2024

The pace of change within the marketing industry is one that feels ever-increasing, with constant pressure on organisations and brands to evolve seemingly on a continual basis.

Constant evolution isn’t feasible however.  There needs to be structure, direction and decision-making that can motivate the workforce and drive business growth.  Lines need to be drawn in the sand.

Making those decisions can at times feel like ‘make or break’ for an organisation, even before you factor in the various stakeholder opinions, market variations and the strategy of the business.  The bigger/more global the organisation, the greater the number of factors to consider for every decision being to be made.

Employing the expertise of a marketing management consultancy can be a valuable way to help bring clarity, alignment and ensure that decisions are informed by the right inputs.

This value is evident across three core areas:

For independent assessment:  Understanding how your business operates in terms of business practices, operations or performance can be vital in shaping decisions around the future direction of the organisation.  External marketing consultancy experts can help by providing an objective analysis of your organisation, validating areas of excellence or identifying gaps and opportunities for change in line with your business strategies and ambitions.

For objectivity:  Making objective decisions can be tough given the passion, drive and commitment most marketers feel towards their organisation.  Yet subjective decisions can often prevent true growth and ambitions from being realised.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the woods for the trees.  External marketing consultants are a great resource to assist in gaining an impartial and neutral perspective, one that is not clouded by internal heritage, politics or agendas that can bias decision-making.

For best practice:  Maintaining excellence and the application of best practice approaches to marketing can be difficult when marketers only focus on one brand or organisation.  The necessity of this laser focus often prevents the ability to remain up-to-date with the fast-paced changes of the marketing industry, and it is hard to find the time to step away from the day job to find the headspace to engage in wider industry developments.  Specialist marketing management consultants can assist with benchmarking against competitors and wider sector information.  Not only will that help with internal stakeholder business conversations but it can ensure you remain ahead of the competition in a multitude of areas and are delivering a best practice approach to your marketing operations.

So, whether you want to (re)assess your current marketing operations, need an objective, unbiased viewpoint or want to ensure that you are utilising a best-in-class marketing approach, utilising a marketing management consultancy can deliver significant value to your business.

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