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Alignment Comparator™

Alignment Comparator The Observatory International’s proprietary Alignment Comparator™ is an online criteria ranking tool which is designed to capture, frame and rank key stakeholders’ requirements. It is used in both Agency Search and Relationship Alignment exercises.

Alignment Comparator™ has not only been developed to provide an extraordinarily clear picture of requirements, but is exceptionally simple and quick to use.

During an Agency Search process all Client stakeholders are given the opportunity to rank their requirements of the new agency – this quickly identifies any inconsistencies within the team’s requirements – enabling this to be resolved before a Search commences. And it ensures the areas that are most important to the client team are prioritised during the Search process.

For Relationship Alignment exercises any disconnects between the Client and Agencies understanding of priorities is quickly highlighted. It provides a ‘light touch’ gap analysis to identify issues at an early stage. This then allows quick identification of an Action Plan to correct those issues. Results can be fed into weighted performance evaluation programmes.